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Swim Basics

Preschool Swim Lessons

Ages 3-5 years

Get your preschooler ready to swim with preschool swim lessons! 


Our Preschool Swim Lessons follow YMCA of the USA’s national safety and core skill development standards, and are based on the development abilities of each participant. Swimmers learn basic skills that build on one another as the levels increase. They also learn about water safety, water sports, games and rescue.

Small class sizes allow for one-on-one instruction, and private lessons are available. All classes are taught by nationally-certified instructors who provide praise and encouragement. Whether it’s learning how to swim, perfecting your stroke or staying fit, the Y has a program that’s right for you.

We follow the YMCA Progressive Swimming program in all of our instructional classes.

If you are uncertain about which level you should register for, please contact the Aquatics Department at (617) 244-6050 x3650 for more information or to schedule a swimming test.

Private Swim Lessons

Work one-on-one with an instructor to learn how to swim or to work on a specific skill. Private lessons are available ages 3+.

Please email Kelly or call her at (617) 244-6050 x3013 to get more information about private lessons.

YMCA Swim Lessons Save Lives