Pool Rules | West Suburban YMCA


Pool safety for everyone is our first priority. Any swimmer who refuses to follow the Pool Rules and causes safety concerns will be asked to leave the pool area.

  • Please do not enter pool area without a Lifeguard on Duty.

  • 3 Whistle blasts = Please Evacuate the pool. There is an Emergency.

  • Any non-swimmer and swimmers under the age of 7, MUST be one-on-one with an adult.

  • Non-swimmers MUST remain in the shallow end of the pool.

  • Swimmers may use YMCA approved bubbles or a US Coast Guard approved life jacket.

  • In order to use the Deep End, you must be free of flotation devices, and pass the Deep End Test.

  • Absolutely NO:

    • Running

    • Horseplay

    • Diving

    • Eating or Glass on deck

    • Gum Chewing

    • Hanging on Lane Lines

    • Band-Aids or Bandages

    • Shoes (please use shoe covers)

  • All swimmers MUST shower prior to entering the pool. (Per Board of Health)

  • Must wear proper swim attire.

  • Rules and requests made by Lifeguard must always be followed. They are trained and here to protect you.


  • Please LOOK before you jump. When jumping, jump in feet first and forward facing.  No diving, twisting, or flips allowed.

  • Use of pool equipment and toys is at the discretion of the lifeguard.

  • Alert swimmers when entering lane

  • When two swimmers share a lane-one stays on the right, the other-stays to the left.

  • When three or more swimmers share a lane, you circle swim.  When circle swimming, stay on the right side of the lane, counter-clockwise.

  • Survey the speed of the swimmers in each lane and then enter the appropriate lane for your swimming ability.

  • If the swimmer behind you taps your foot, please let that swimmer pass you at the end of the length.

  • Recreational swim is for Non-Lap Swimmers.  If there is space available in the recreational area, the Lifeguard may allow space for a lap swimmer overflow.