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Camp Frank A. Day Annual Campaign

Keeping camp spirit alive—that intangible something which measures the worth of every camp—is more important than ever as we move into the next century of residential camping at Camp Frank A. Day. Camp spirit endures when our campers, staff and alumni believe that camp is becoming better because of their efforts, that they are making an impact on the thousands of children who will come together as a community at Camp Frank A. Day over the next 100 years. When you provide financial support to Camp Day, you ensure the Y’s commitment to providing all children the opportunity to grow, connect and learn at camp—keeping the tradition and camp spirit alive. All gifts are welcome and we are happy to discuss naming opportunities for major gifts.

The Reveille Order

Up to $99

Each morning, Camp Frank A. Day wakes up to the sound of reveille. This traditional tune is a call to action for campers and staff. For donors up to $99, thank you and welcome to the Reveille Club.

The Chapel Club

$100 to $499

Simmons Chapel is a place where our community gathers in daily fellowship. We recognize the gift of camp, the contributions of individuals, and our shared values in these meetings. For donors up to $499, who value and support this community, thank you and welcome to the Chapel Club.

The Freshman Guild

$500 to $999

Though they are the youngest at Camp Frank A. Day, our Freshman campers are brimming with unlimited potential. Your gift helps us to realize camp’s vision of unlocking the potential of each of our campers. For donors up to $999, thank you and welcome to the Freshman Guild.

The Junior Brigade

$1,000 to $2,499

The driving force of change in camp is the growth and change of our campers. As they move from Freshman to Juniors, their impact on our community increases. For donors up to $2,499, thank you for meeting the ever changing needs of our camp and our campers, and welcome to the Junior Society.

The Senior Society

$2,500 to $4,999

Many of our oldest campers have attended and shaped camp for nearly a decade. Together, our seniors create relationships, traditions, and memories that will stand the test of time. For donors of up to $4,999, whose contributions will have an equally lasting impact, thank you for your gift and welcome to the Senior Society.

The Color War League

$5,000 to $9,999

During Color War, Grey and Green teams compete for the ultimate prize. For a short time each summer, this tradition creates communities of first-timers and legacies, of all genders, of all personalities, and of all ages. It calls out to the leaders within.For donors up to $9999, thank you for your leadership and welcome to the Color War League.

Second Centenarians

$10,000 and up

Our first founders established camp over one-hundred years ago.Subsequent stewards and founders of lasting traditions, built upon that foundation to create a community of thousands.For donors of $10000 and more, made by individuals or groups who have the vision to preserve this camp and to make it anew for a second century of youth development, we thank you and recognize you as Second Centenarians, as Camp Frank A. Day Founders in this 21st Century.

To learn more about how you can support the Y, please contact our Director of Development, Sara Pollock DeMedeiros, at or 617-244-6050 ex. 3099.

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