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Manage Your Membership

We understand that circumstances change and you might want to change your membership status. We currently offer three ways to pause your membership for a limited or extended time period.

In all of these cases, we hope you will consider either a one-time or ongoing donation as part of your status change. Charitable gifts help us deliver on our mission, serve the most vulnerable members of our community, and sustain operations during these financially challenging times. Today, donations are more essential than ever to the Y’s ongoing sustainability.

1. Log in to Your Account >>


2. Freeze Your Membership >>

Members can freeze their membership for up to 4 months within a calendar year. Once an online freeze request is made, there is a 7 day processing window. Please note, membership dues are charged on the 15th of the month, so keep in mind our 7 day processing window when making a request.

Member dues will automatically resume being charged once the freeze is over.

To freeze your membership, please complete this form: Membership Freeze Request Form.

3. Become a Sustaining Member >>

If you do not anticipate returning to the Y for an extended time (in person or virtually), but still want to support our community, consider becoming a sustaining member by converting your dues to a donation. When you are ready to return, we’ll re-activate your dues and the associated benefits.

To become a sustaining member, please complete this form: Become a Sustaining Member.

4. Cancel Your Membership >>

If you do not anticipate returning to the Y, you can cancel your membership.

The West Suburban YMCA requires a written notice of termination at least 15 days before the next automatic draft date to prevent further billing. After your final draft, your membership privileges will expire on the 14th of the following month.

To cancel your membership, please complete this form: Membership Cancellation Request Form.


Donated membership fees will be tax deductible and the Y will provide you with an acknowledgement letter for your donation. You will not receive any membership benefits (including virtual programming) in return for your donation.