2024 Winter Social Trivia Questions | West Suburban YMCA

2024 Winter Social Trivia Questions

Jan 31, 2024

Last night the development team had the pleasure of hosting board members and event sponsors at a small gathering. Check out some of our trivia questions we shared with our guests to see how well you know the Y!


1. Who became the first black major league baseball player in 1947 and became a volunteer boys coach at the Harlem Y the same year?

2. In 1844, 22-year-old George Williams opened the first Y in London and 7 short years later the first Y in the US opened in what city?

3. Along with the term body building and the burpee, three well known sports of today had their start at the Y; Basketball, Racquetball, and _______?

4. What holiday in June was founded by the daughter of a single father at the YMCA in 1910?

5. The oldest known summer camp in the world first opened by the Y in 1855, our Camp Frank A. Day opened in 1916 and is still going strong on Lake _______?

6. What kind of lessons first began at the Y in 1909 and then one year later included families with disabilities? 

7. The nation’s first known classes of this subject were held at a Y in 1856 for German immigrants.

8. During World War II, the YMCA, along with five other national voluntary organizations, founded an organization known today as__________. 



1a.  Jackie Robinson (Did you know? We have supported 67 families with financial aid to have the opportunity to experience our robust sports programs in 2023)

2a. Boston (Did you know? WSYMCA opened in 1877 and is among the oldest Ys in the US)

3a. Volleyball (Did you know? Our YBA program taught 1,195 children in 2023 the skills of the game and the power of teamwork)

4a.  Father’s Day, extra point for Fathers’ Day (Did you know? Although the Y started out as a place for young men to gather, the organization quickly learned that women and families needed a place to grow and foster relationships in a safe environment)

5a. Quacumquasit (Did you know? Our residential camp had the chance to share its 52 acres with 442 campers the summer of 2023)

6a. Swim (Did you know? Last year we were able to hold free swim lessons for 132 children and adults at our facilities)

7a. ESL or English as a Second Language (Did you know? We are proud to be known in our community as a place for all. We welcomed 677 new members in the month of December alone. 284 members at the Church St location and 393 members at the Wells Ave location)

8a. USO or United Service Organizations (Did you know? Whether it’s another organization, company, or individual; we invite new partners to collaborate with us for the betterment of the city and its people)