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Volunteer for the YMCA

When you volunteer at the West Suburban YMCA, you take an active role in bringing about important change right in your own community.

Each of our volunteers helps move people and communities forward, delivering the benefits of good health, strong connections, greater self-confidence and sense of security to all who seek it.

Help us to nurture the potential of kids, improve the community’s health and well-being and support your neighbors.

Mike Daniels Loves Making People Smile

Watch Mike Daniels' story as he talks about volunteering for the West Suburban YMCA with our Membership Coordinator, Katiann Marshall.

Swimming Assistants

We created the Swimming Assistants program with teens and swimmers that have aged out of our swim lessons in mind.

Volunteer to help teach swimming lessons once a week (or more!) after school or on the weekends. Just apply and interview with the Aquatics Department.

Please email Amanda or call her at (617) 244-6050 x3127 for more information or to apply.

Sports Coaches

Volunteer coaches are the backbone of our youth sports leagues—basketball, soccer and tee ball.

Being a Coach involves some responsibilities of communication pre-season, during the season and at the end of the season. A one hour commitment, each week coaches are asked to lead a 30 minute skills lesson, and manage the team for a 30 minute YBA game that is officiated by Y staff. Practice ideas, plans and drills are provided. You can elect to be a Head Coach, Co-Coach with another volunteer, or Assistant Coach.

Volunteering at our Y is an amazing and rewarding experience for you!

Interested in becoming a coach?

  • All leagues run on Saturdays with the exception of basketball, which has Sunday games for 4th, 5th and 6th graders

  • We always pair parent coaches with their children

  • All coaches (even if you've coached before) must fill out an application as well as submit to CORI & SORI background checks

  • All coaches are asked to complete a CORI and SORI

Have coaching questions?

Contact our Sports Department at (617) 244-6050 x3651.


Togetherhood- Volunteers for the Centre Street Food Pantry

As part of the Togetherhood Program, we are looking for a small group of members (6-8) that is interested in volunteering at the Centre Street Food Pantry in Newton on Wednesday, February 19, 2020 from 10:30am-12:00pm.  There are limited spots available.  If you’re interested or have any questions, please reach out to Breanna Galante directly at extension 3096 or email breannag@wsymca.org.

Togetherhood is the Y’s member-led, volunteer service program. It activates Y members to work together to plan and lead service projects that respond to local community needs.  Togetherhood creates social change and demonstrates that we’re a charity dedicated to strengthening community.  Get involved today!