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Our Impact

What’s your Y story? Are you a swimmer who finds strength in the water? A team player who brings energy to the court? A parent who finds security knowing your children are safe and happy in preschool? Or maybe a cancer survivor reclaiming your sense of self in LIVESTRONG at the YMCA?

The stories written here collectively build the magic of our Y, and a better us. 

Ami's Story

Two years ago, I finally came around to joining the West Suburban YMCA. I did not realize it at the time just how many opportunities there were here. I had always been physically active before joining the Y, and I initially perceived the Y as just another area fitness center.

Ron's Story

After retiring, my wife’s patience was wearing thin with the amount of busy work I found myself getting into around the house. During that time, I was going to the Y once or twice a day, as I had been doing for years. Suddenly it dawned on me that since I spent a lot of time at the Y and enjoyed being there, working at the Y would be a great idea.

Micah and Erika's Story

We have been attending the West Suburban YMCA for about 5 years now, and Micah is always excited to come in for his swim lesson with Kelly. We first had Micah in a group lesson but eventually decided to switch him into private lessons because we were wanting something more low-key and nurturing.

Gloria's Story

When I was a young mom of two boys, I joined the West Suburban YMCA over 19 years ago, so my sons would have a place to learn to swim and then later to learn soccer and basketball. As my sons got older, I loved that as active middle schoolers I knew they were in a safe place with adults that had a watchful eye.

Deb's Story

It was after I was diagnosed with cancer for the second time and was finishing up radiation in the winter of 2017 that I went to the Zakim Center for Integrative Therapies at Dana Farber Cancer Institute to find out what I could do to get back on my feet. They pointed me towards LIVESTRONG at the YMCA.

Evelyn and Brandon's Story

The Y has always given me and my family a chance to live a better life. After a family situation, we moved to Newton searching for a better life for our family. We grew to love the community, but being a low-income family, I was concerned that I would not have as much access to as many opportunities for Brandon. That was when I looked into the West Suburban YMCA.

BollyX's Story

You have always been physically active, using the fitness center and running the track, but you’re looking for something new and exciting. On Wednesday nights, there is a class you discover called BollyX. Sounds interesting...

What's Your Y Story?

What's your story in this vibrant community? Share it with us.

The Stoudemire's Story

Watch as the Stoudemire family describes Camp Chickami as a special place to come back to every summer.

Give for a Better Us

Every day we support kids, adults of all ages and families with programs that protect, nourish and encourage. It's how we help our community and the "us" who live, work and play here find the power of our full potential.