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Group Exercise Schedule

Fitness is more fun with friends! View our group exercise schedule below. Outdoor group exercise classes require pre-registration and are limited to 9 participants. Virtual classes are offered via Zoom.


Barre - A total body workout using a ballet barre for small isometric movements that tone your butt, legs and core

Bootcamp/HIIT  - Take your game to the next level with this advanced, multi-functional class that incorporates cardiovascular conditioning with calisthenics, and muscular strength condtioning. HIIT stands for High Intensity Interval Training and is a little more intense. This class often meets outside rain or shine.

Core & More - Work on your core with stretching to increase strength and flexibility

Hatha Yoga - Use the physical postures of yoga to develop strength, flexibility and balance (Please bring your own mat)

Have a Ball - Advanced class using a stability ball to develop your core and learn a variety of stability training exercises

Insanity - An extreme workout with intense intervals of cardio and body weight training (not for beginners)

Intervals - Time intervals of cardio, body weight and strength exercises

Keeping Fit - Stay fit with our low-impact class designed for 55+

Muscle Conditioning - Learn the proper form for different weight lifting and toning techniques

Pilates - Work your muscles deep to your core to strengthen your entire body

PIYO - A unique class designed to build strength and increase flexibility

Power Yoga - Challenge yourself and build muscular strength and improve circulation through a series of postural moves

Step & Sculpt - Increase cardiovascular fitness while creatively using a bench platform

TABATA Tone - Perform four minute intervals of intense training/circuit training exercises (one exercise for 20 seconds with a 10 second rest repeated 8 times)

Tae Kwon Do - Learn this traditional martial art that fosters mental balance, physical strength and flexibility

Total Body Tone - Use dumbbells and body weight exercises to strengthen, tone and tighten your entire body

Vinyasa Yoga - In Vinyasa Yoga, you transition through poses smoothly similar to the movement of dance

Yoga Sculpt - Total body workout set to music and designed to tone every muscle group.

Yogalates - Combination of yoga and Pilates

Y Fit - Cross Fit meets the Y. Cross train the Y way.

Y Cycle - Climb mountains, glide downhill, and sprint into shape in our indoor cycling studio

ZUMBA - Dance through your workout in this high-energy class based on popular Latino dance moves