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Music & Creative Arts

Did you know that when a group of people sing together, their hearts beat in unison? Creative Arts programs provide unique opportunities for self-expression and community connections.

So ... pick up a paint brush, an instrument, a microphone, or a pen and allow yourself to explore at the YMCA!

Learning a new instrument can improve your memory, raise your grades, and help to reduce stress! Whether you are a 3rd grader learning an instrument for the first time or a parent picking up their clarinet after 10+ years, our private lessons are the best way to make music a regular part of your day. Check out our Music Studio for more information on music classes and private lessons!

Want to reserve our studio to do your own projects? Send us a request.



The Creative Arts Department is currently planning new programs and events-including summer workshops and fall classes. Check back soon for more updates!

For more information about our Music & Creative Arts programs, please contact Sunny McGovern

Early & Late Spring Programs 2019

Financial Aid Application

To apply for Financial Assistance for Membership, Programs, Child Care and Camps, download this application and return to Kristen Hydinger in the Finance Department at the Y. Please email Kristen at for more information.