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YMCA Center for the Creative Arts

Music & Creative Arts

The West Suburban YMCA Center for Creative Arts (YCCA) offers music lessons, recording opportunities and creative arts programs for all ages and abilities. The YCCA is a fully-equipped recording and creative space where we offer educational programs throughout the school year, a summer music program and a unique approach to professional media services.

Educational Programs

Music and Creative Arts programming is at the heart of our promise to strengthen community by nurturing the potential of children and teens. Music, photography, filmmaking and dance enhance well-being and development through self-expression and personal achievement. The West Suburban YMCA’s Center for Creative Arts offers progressive programs in music, music production, photography, filmmaking and dance. Students who enroll in our creative arts educational programs have the opportunity to showcase their work, giving them the experience of performing or sharing their art form publicly.

Professional Media Services

Let the YCCA Media Team take charge of your next video, photography, or live sound project! We offer a unique approach to media production: mentoring aspiring young creators in a hands-on, education-centric environment. Every project—from photo coverage of events, to sound reinforcement and PA services, to promotional commercials for local businesses and organizations—produces a high quality product while fostering a community of next-generation media leaders.

The YMCA is passionate about keeping our doors open to all. Financial Assistance is available for all programs at the Y.

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Financial Aid Application

To apply for Financial Assistance for Membership, Programs, Child Care and Camps, download this application and return to Kristen Hydinger in the Finance Department at the Y. Please email Kristen at for more information.