Covid Update 12-9-2020 | West Suburban YMCA

Gov. Baker's Roll Back: No Significant Changes to Our Y's Operations

Dec 10, 2020


Governor Charlie Baker announced earlier this week a return to Phase 3 Step 1 of the state's reopening plan. Fortunately, the state's rolled back guidelines have minimal impact on the West Suburban YMCA's current operations. Because our safety protocol and standards have been stricter than those previously required by the state, our operations will not change in any significant way due to the rolled back restrictions.

For a more detailed look at the Phase 3 Step 1 guidelines, which involve protocol related to capacity and masks, read on below.


Under the Phase 3 Step 1 guidelines, capacity in gyms/health clubs will be reduced from 50% to 40%. We have monitored capacity in all our spaces throughout the facility since our reopening in July and will continue to do so to ensure compliance with the guidelines. We do not anticipate this change will impact our current programming or usage in a significant way.


Further, Governor Baker ordered that masks must now be worn at all times in gyms. This is consistent with our current policy requiring masks when inside the facility. Exceptions to the mask requirement, in line with state guidelines, include when an individual is in the pool or participating in a socially distanced (maintaining 6+ ft.) outdoor fitness class.


Listen to Karen describe her experience working out at the Y: