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2022 Roll With The Punches: January Workout Challenge

Don’t let excuses KNOCK OUT your 2022 goals—Start fresh in the new year by making exercise a habit!

Consistency is key to reaching your health goals, so we’re providing some extra motivation to get here: The more times you visit the Y this month, the more chances you have at winning great prizes!

Pick up your “Roll with the Punches” punch card to track your visits to the West Suburban YMCA throughout January. Once you complete the card (10 visits aka “punches”), add the card to the raffle box in the Welcome Center and pick up your next punch card to keep tracking!

  • Cool & Consistent: Purple punch card tracks visits 1-10
  • Habit Hero: Orange punch card tracks visits 11-20
  • Super Streaker: Blue punch card track visits 21-30

Be sure to get your card punched each time you visit the Y in January.

1 Completed Punch Card (10 visits!) = 1 entry in main raffle
2 Completed Punch Cards (20 visits!) = 2 entries in main raffle + 1 entry in personal training raffle for 6 free sessions
3 Completed Punch Cards (30 visits!!!) = 3 entries in main raffle + 1 entry in personal training raffle for 6 free sessions + 1 entry in a raffle to skip your February membership dues

Raffle winners will be pulled at the end of the month. Multiple winners will be drawn for the main raffle, each winning one of several exciting fitness-related prize items. One winner will be selected for the personal training raffle, winning six free sessions with a certified Y personal trainer. One lucky “Super Streaker” who visits the Y 30 times in 31 days (completing 3 punch cards) will win a free month of membership (we will skip your February bank draft!).
Roll with the Punches Workout Challenge image showing punch cards in purple, orange, and blue.

January New Member Special: Receive a 6-Week Workout Plan

Starting a new exercise routine can be daunting. Take the stress out of planning your gym workouts by joining the West Suburban YMCA this January! New members who join in January will receive a 6-week written workout program delivered directly to their email inboxes within their first week of joining. Beginner, intermediate, or advanced workout options available.


Are you joining from another gym?

Show us your old membership card and receive 10% off your West Suburban YMCA membership for a year!

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