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Erika and Micah's Story

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We have been attending the West Suburban YMCA for about 5 years now, and Micah is always excited to come in for his swim lesson with Kelly. We first had Micah in a group lesson but eventually decided to switch him into private lessons because we were wanting something more low-key and nurturing. Micah loves the water, so it made sense to sign up for swim lessons when we first moved back to Newton. Micah had already been taking lessons and doing family swim at a different Y with my wife, Shivonne, prior to our move, so it was natural to enroll here.

Now that we have been coming here for so long, we have grown to adore Kelly. She and Micah have such a great relationship, it makes coming to the Y even more comforting knowing our child is in good hands. We know she is that way with all children, not just ours. As we built relationships with other members and staff at the Y, we began seeing familiar faces from around the community here as well. I soon realized that the Y is not just for an individual person, but it is a place for community. Micah and I continue to see that growth every day we are here. I notice a difference in his confidence and physical abilities. Swimming has made him stronger, and we have even gone on to build an American Ninja Warrior course for him in the backyard.

When I tell people about the Y, before I mention the pool, the fitness center, the numerous opportunities that are available here, I immediately find myself bringing up how you will never find better people. The staff and other members here are genuinely supportive and care about you. We joined because we wanted Micah to continue his swim lessons, but what we got was so much more.

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