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Evelyn and Brandon's Story


The Y has always given me and my family a chance to live a better life. Before we moved to Newton, we lived in Roslindale where I signed Brandon up for swim lessons at the local Y. After a family situation, we moved to Newton searching for a better life for our family. We grew to love the community, but being a low-income family, I was concerned that I would not have as much access to as many opportunities for Brandon. That was when I looked into the West Suburban YMCA.

When we scheduled our meeting with Kristen in the Financial Services Office, I did not know what to expect. Kristen and the rest of the team at the Y helped us through the process, and we were eventually awarded a financial aid package for Brandon and his little sister, to gain the opportunity to attend the Y. Since joining, Brandon continued to take swim lessons and also has gone on to play basketball and soccer, take karate lessons, and even go to Camp Chickami. Brandon has always been a quiet and shy kid, but through these experiences I have seen him come out of his shell and be more willing to try new things. He has begun talking about attending Camp Frank A. Day next summer! My daughter used to be terrified of water, and now she is comfortable and proud of the skills she gained in the pool. She loves her swim teacher, Amanda, and having two children who have been taught by Amanda and adore her, it gives me a sense of security that my children are not only safe at the pool but at the Y.

The thought of taking on additional expenses can be stressful for any family that shares my financial situation, but I would tell them to not let that hold them back from joining the Y. The financial aid process really is easy and tailored to our needs, and it makes our participation much more manageable. Based on my own experience it is worth it, and I see it in my kids. My children love the staff here, and I see a difference in my kids’ emotional behavior since gaining the experience of attending the Y.

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