Ami's Story | West Suburban YMCA

Ami's Story


Two years ago, I finally came around to joining the West Suburban YMCA. I did not realize it at the time just how many opportunities there were here. I had always been physically active before joining the Y, and I initially perceived the Y as just another area fitness center. When my children started getting older and more active, friends encouraged me to enroll my children in the Y’s weekly summer camp programs, but I was still hesitant to join myself. It was not until I met Conor, on the YMCA staff, that I finally signed up for a yearly membership. There was a one-week free trial membership offering and I tried out as many classes as I could. I also worked out in the Y’s fitness center and was running into friends who I had no idea were already members.

Once I discovered that I had so many existing friendships here, I found myself more inclined to branch out and try new classes. I had been recently diagnosed with severe osteoporosis and was able to find classes that helped me manage my health care needs better. I was becoming more active than I had been. I was also able to hear about other members’ stories and experiences and what brought them to the Y. Through the numerous interactions and relationships, I began to build a network and more importantly, a community here. I always come to the Y feeling included as I walk in the front door, take classes and often get new beneficial health information that I continue to learn from the fitness staff. I realized that the Y is more than a fitness center, but a place for community gatherings and a supportive, healthy environment.

After classes I enjoy relaxing in the lobby, especially because it gives me a chance to speak with the members and staff from the various departments. The staff is world class and truly provide opportunities to build relationships. Participating in the various classes has turned me into a happy, connected member at the Y. The West Suburban YMCA has helped me grow and create new relationships, and I am now motivated to give others that shared experience here as well.