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Camp Chickami Annual Campaign

Help the Y secure a vibrant future for Camp Chickami by ensuring our doors stay open to campers of all backgrounds, maintaining healthy facilities, preserving Pine Brook and keeping our woods standing tall. 

The Stoudemire's Story

Watch as the Stoudemire family describes Camp Chickami as a special place to come back to every summer.

The Chowder Head Club

Up to $99

At Camp Chickami, we experience the saying “many hands make light work” every day and know it is true. For donors up to $99, thank you and welcome to the Chowder Head Club.

The Relevio Order


Camp Chickami is a place of exploration and growth. Your gift empowers our youth by ensuring access for all. For donors up to $499, thank you and welcome to the Relevio Order.

The Color War League


During Color War, counselors who are Colonels and Generals have always given their all.  For donors up to $999, thank you for your leadership and  welcome to the Color War League. 

The Mud CIty Fellowship


Whether it is a natural swimming pool or Mud City,  every evolving aspect of camp is beloved by campers and counselors alike. For donors  up to $2,499, thank you for helping meet camp’s ever changing needs and welcome to the Mud City Fellowship.

The Sequoia & Magnolia Society

$2,500 to $4,999

Many of our oldest campers have attended and shaped camp for a decade. For donors up to $4,999, whose contributions will have an equally lasting impact, thank you for your gift and welcome to the Sequoia & Magnolia Society.

The Fifty-Fivers ('55)

$5,000 to $9,999

Camp Chickami has nurtured the potential of campers (and counselors) since 1955. As we look to the year 2055 and 100 years of youth development service, we thank our generous donors of up to $9,999 and recognize them as Fifty-Fivers. 

Chickami Founders

$10,000 and up

Our first founders established camp over sixty years ago. Subsequent founders built enduring traditions and a community of thousands. For donations of $10,000 and more, made by individuals who help to preserve and to make camp anew for future generations, we thank you and recognize you as Chickami Founders in this 21st Century.

Recognition Plaques & Banners

Stewards of the Stream

$250 and Up

Donors giving $250 or more (in a calendar year) or who have equal or greater donations made in their name will be recognized by having their name and the year burned into a plaque to be  hung at Camp Chickami the following summer.  Only donations made to Camp Chickami’s Annual Campaign qualify for this recognition.

Camp Chickami Banner Program

$1,000 and up

Donors of $1000 to the West Suburban YMCA’s Annual Campaign, including the Camp Chickami Annual Campaign, are eligible to be a part of our Banner Program.

Camp Giving Opportunities