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Family Fun At Home

Bring the Y into your home with our online activities, videos, and resources for kids and families. We'll be updating this page with additional content each week. Whether it's sports, arts and crafts, science, cooking, or even aquatics, we have a virtual way for you to connect with your favorite Y classes and programs!

Cooking Club!


At-Home Learning Activities

Try these at-home activities from our Preschool & Family Services Director Tricia Mansfield! Activities are most suited for children ages 3-6, but several can be engaging for older children as well.

Homemade Play Dough

Learn how to make your own play dough! Only a few household ingredients are needed, and soon you'll be molding and rolling and sculpting away.
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Nature Activity: Adopt a Tree

Take the classroom outside by "adopting" a tree! Spring is in full swing and the trees and flowers around us are budding and changing rapidly. Get acquainted with a neighborhood tree and observe its changes over the coming weeks!
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Sports practices and games may be postponed, but you can still practice your skills, drills, and at-home sports activities with your favorite West Suburban YMCA coaches! Join the WSY Sports group on Facebook for more fun and videos and check out our YouTube Channel to access all videos in one place.


No pool, no problem! You can now practice your swimming skills at home. Ms. Kelly and her daughters, Maddison and McKenna, show you how to get active and have fun while practicing your skills on dry land. Join the WSY Aquatics group on Facebook for more activities and videos and check out our YouTube Channel to access all videos in one place.


A collection of 5-minute "bursts" of family fun and exercise!

12Bursts is a program developed by one of the YMCA's partner organizations, CycleHealth, who are experts at creating engaging and inclusive challenges for kids. The program is a new way for kids and families to be active right from home. No special skills or equipment needed! It's a great way to get the whole family activity, by doing 12 five-minute challenges, called "bursts," throughout the day for a total of 60 minutes of physical activity! Access 12Bursts here.