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A Team of Their Own

Jun 05, 2019

Hear from Ethan and Fraser's families about the Y's Adaptive Sports Program.

"Raising a child with special needs is challenging, but when Ethan (12) and Fraser (11) met, these obstacles were about to become easier. Ethan was diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder in kindergarten, and Fraser has had a few different spats with illness since birth that have resulted in some developmental delays. Even with these challenges that they face, these two boys cannot get enough when it comes to making friends and meeting new people. Both Ethan and Fraser have such an appetite for building connections, and their parents, Ethan’s mom Linda and Fraser’s dad David, wanted to find the correct space to give them this outlet. Linda and David wanted their sons to have a space that was good for children with special needs but did not limit them from having a full experience of being engaged and active.

Ethan and Fraser had an immediate connection when they first met. They became fast friends, discovering their mutual love for making friends and meeting new people, a quality that they both appreciate and value in one another. It was when the pair joined the West Suburban YMCA’s All Sports program that they found a team of their own to stay active and, most importantly, gain new friends. All Sports is designed to for children with mild social and emotional disabilities, like Ethan and Fraser, who would like to play sports in a fun and supportive environment. The children are given the opportunity to play various sports that include basketball, flag football, soccer, floor hockey and so much more.

The growth Linda and David see in their boys has made them value and see the Y’s commitment to providing access to adaptive programming. The boys’ parents know that Ethan and Fraser are in good hands when they attend their class. Seeing the boys’ friendship grow while they create a community among their peers and become more motivated to be challenged and push their boundaries, has made both families want to continue to share the important work the Y does with the community. When they are not at the YMCA, the boys share a passion for travelling and with each other by their sides, the sky’s the limit."