Solidarity and Inclusion | West Suburban YMCA

A Statement of Support, Solidarity, and Inclusion in the Face of Injustice

Jun 05, 2020

Dear YMCA Community,
It is difficult to find the right words to say in the face of the enormity of our country’s unrest. But this is not a time for silence. On behalf of the Y, it is critical to speak up to acknowledge and express outrage at the racial injustice and structural inequality in our society. The Y stands with the Black community and reaffirms our commitment to prioritize inclusion, equity and respect for all of humanity.
The Y strives to be open to all. We may never be able to walk in someone else's shoes, but we can educate ourselves and work to understand the different lenses through which people see and experience the world. When we witness injustice, we must be willing to share our voice and stand up for what is right. When we witness hate, we must push back and create a path toward love. When we witness crimes toward humanity, we must hold those responsible accountable. We must champion efforts to address inequities and disparities not just in our own communities, but in our world.
Core to the Y’s mission is a commitment to strengthen the foundations of our community, and we will rise to this occasion to help create meaningful change. We are not yet sure what this will look like. Our first step is to listen, learn, and reflect, and create safe spaces for you, the Y family, to do this in the community and as individuals. 
Change begins with us. In the coming weeks our staff will gather to determine actionable steps to foster a culture of inquiry, growth, and, ultimately, enhanced inclusion. In the meantime, we invite you to share any ideas or thoughts about the direction we might take. 
We’re in this together.
Jack Fucci
President & CEO
West Suburban YMCA