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Ranjana's Story: A Place to Connect

Dec 17, 2019

"I have been coming to the Y for one year and four months, but I wish I joined sooner. As someone who is retired, coming to the Y adds structure to my daily life. I participate in water aerobics, yoga two times a week, and attend the Keeping Fit class. Whether I am going to a class, training on my own, or just coming to go on the bikes, coming here makes me feel good physically, mentally, and emotionally. The physical benefits have been amazing – I have noticed lower blood pressure, cholesterol, and weight loss. Working out at the Y even motivates me to eat healthier.  But those are just the tangible things. I also experience many other benefits, like feeling connected to the nice people in my classes and forming friendships.

Something about the Y that stands out to me is getting up early for yoga. Sometimes it is hard to get up so early, but I am really happy once I get here! The instructor is great, and always makes sure there is a sub if she cannot be there herself. I choose to come to the Y for three main reasons: its accessibility to all, the variety of classes, and the community that is like a second home. I was away for a few months this summer, and I missed coming to the Y! I love to volunteer, so I am looking forward to volunteering soon at the Centre Street Food Pantry with the Togetherhood program. Coming here gives me the opportunity to be part of my community and do great things."

Social isolation is a public health issue that has particularly adverse effects on the health of older adults. Ranjana recognizes that staying active socially is as important for her well-being as physical activity, and the Y is the place that allows her to stay connected. In 2019, we provided over $26,000 in financial aid to 88 senior households. If you would like to give seniors the space to connect and build community, consider a donation to our Annual Fund.