March Is Nutrition Month Blog | West Suburban YMCA

A Word From Our New Registered Dietitian Nutritionist In Honor Of Nutrition Month!

Mar 28, 2022

Hi everyone, 

My name's Susie Robertson and I'm a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist (RDN) and personal training intern here at the West Suburban YMCA.  I'll be available for personal training sessions in June, and in the meantime, I'm offering group nutrition classes and individual consultations.  

We've all heard the basics of healthy eating at one point or another, but sometimes, putting it into everyday practice can be a challenge.  As adults, we are often juggling multiple priorities, from work to family obligations to social commitments, which means we often have to choose between convenience and healthfulness.  Add stress into the mix, and we tend to find ourselves choosing between comfort food and nutrient rich options.  (Spoiler alert: comfort food is VERY hard to resist when under stress!)  When working with a dietitian, either in a group or individually, you can lean on someone else for help with setting incremental goals, meal planning for success, and navigating the path toward lasting behavior change.  The best part?  Together, we can talk about nutritional strategies to amp up the nutrient value of those comfort foods and take simple steps toward meal  planning, so you won't have to choose between convenience, taste, and health.  Plus, the social support and accountability that comes with working with a qualified nutritionist has been shown to increase the likelihood of reaching nutrition goals. 

A little bit about me:  As an RDN, I have the training to provide nutrition counseling for individuals on therapeutic diets but I also can work with the general population.  I have a Certificate of Training in childhood and adult obesity, and in my work I emphasize positive, sustainable behaviors that promote health rather than a weight-centric approach.  Right now, I'm working on the fitness floor as a personal training intern and I'll be available to provide personal training once I pass the required exam.  I'm also working toward a Master's degree in Spanish.  If you see me on the fitness floor, I'm happy to answer any general nutrition questions you may have, either in English or in Spanish!