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How Your Partner Can Support Your Healthy Lifestyle Changes

Erin Whitten

Feb 23, 2022

 Over the last few years, being able to focus on your health has understandably been challenging. Whether you are trying to juggle schooling or childcare for your family, working from home, while also maintaining your well-balanced lifestyle, at the end of the day it is tempting to just crash for the night. One way to encourage healthy lifestyles is to get your partner involved! When you decide to make a commitment to your health, here are some ways your partner can get involved, and start changing their habits too! 


  1. Do Not Force Habits Upon Them 

Making changes is not always easy, and that is why you should lead by example! Not everybody is extroverted, and likes to go to a group fitness class, and others would prefer to find their own work-out plan flying solo. When you find your own healthy habit, being consistent, and showing your partner the positive change that you are making for yourself, can encourage them to better themselves as well. . Simply showing your loved one how you are living your best life can encourage them to give it a try, too. Even if that consists of making healthy recipe swaps at first, small steps lead to momentous changes!  

  1. Find The Root of Unhealthy Habits 

Communication is key to any healthy relationship, and another way to get your healthy lifestyle moving is to have healthy conversations about your wellbeing, and what you could be doing to make changes. You could be discussing things such as eating too close to bedtime, falling asleep with the television on, and other minor bothersome habits. This conversation typically results to finding symptoms of feeling like the day was too full and there was not enough “me” time for the person to enjoy their day. Communicating the root of their problem could easily result in progress, because sometimes everybody just needs an hour a day devoted to doing something they want to do and will overlook that! 

  1. Make Things Fun 

Being healthy does not mean you cannot still have fun as a couple. Sure, you will be tempted to go to your favorite restaurant, but instead of getting you usual, swap it out for a healthier option, like leaner meat, or fish! You can also plan fun date night activities, such as hiking your favorite path, checking out your nearest abortorium, or even just going to the beach! To encourage even more healthy habits, you could even sign up for a couples massage, a fitness class together, or even a cooking class! 

  1. Friendly Competition 

For those looking for some intensity, and a bit more of a challenge, how about some mutual accountability! Being able to see who can log the most miles jogging each week, who drinks more water, and checks in at the gym more often, can push competitive couples to the next level. Being able to encourage and support each other by creating goals and rewards for when you have reached them, is one way to inspire consistency, and couple time!  

  1. Be Supportive 

Having a partner who is committed to taking care of themselves alongside you is almost essential in keeping someone on the path of health and wellness as a couple. Making changes like this can be extraordinary for many and having patience to see your goals is part of the process. Leaving judgement at the door, and fully understanding both of your needs, will make this transition smoother. Being able to get on the same page with your partner can go a long way toward both of you achieving your fitness goals!