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Helping Families Thrive

Dec 07, 2021

Imagine a world where diversity is celebrated, and child development is beyond parents’ expectations.

Meet Dipo, a father and Y member, who is profoundly thankful for the supportive atmosphere he and his children have found at the West Suburban YMCA. Lenre, Dipo’s six-year-old son, learned the English language during his first three years in the Preschool program at the Y. Today he enjoys how peaceful the Y can be, along with the arts and crafts he creates. Adeola is Dipo’s eight-year-old bubbly daughter who adores the fun that she has and the games that she plays with all her friends at the Y.

Seeing the WSYMCA through these children’s eyes can be so informative to us all. We can picture how peaceful Lenre’s world must be now that he can understand the language that surrounds him. We can picture how excited Adeola is with her ability to form new friendships at the Y. We can even picture Dipo’s devoted trust in the programs his children have entered; watching them grow immensely year after year makes his eyes light up. We can picture all of this because of you. Your donations allow the Y to give $200,000 in financial aid each year so that children’s development can flourish in our Preschool and Out-of-School Time programs.

This year we are counting on your donations so that even more families can truly benefit from our childcare programs in more ways than one. We encourage you to watch this short video to hear Adeola’s contagious laughter for yourself and picture how much this family has gained with your help and contributions.

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