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Cultivating Connection No Matter the Age

Dec 15, 2021

Imagine a world where social connections and healthy lifestyles are nurtured.

Meet Bob, a West Suburban YMCA member for over 17 years, who feels that, “Coming here is like being home.” Bob faced the challenges of the pandemic along with the world last year and realized how much he missed being “home.”

The Y feels like home to many people of all ages, but for Bob, it is essential to his health. In his younger years, Bob enjoyed swimming. He thought of the sport as a release after working in a classroom all day. Now, Bob has the opportunity to reconnect with this sport and sees this activity as a therapeutic escape where he can collect his thoughts and spend time in a safe, familiar environment. The Y is here to support healthy lifestyles, making it a place where fitness and well-being can be your top priority.

Living a mostly solitary life, Bob has met all sorts of people and has grown close friendships at the Y. As we age, making friends can become somewhat of a challenge. The Y is here to support social connections across all life stages.

With your help we can support $70,000 in financial aid towards membership for all ages. Please give today to ensure that everyone has a chance to call the West Suburban YMCA "home."

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