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Frequently Asked Questions  

Updated 12/1/2022


We are excited to open a second full-service Y facility to serve our community. Now more than ever it is critical to provide more access to programs and services that support the social, emotional and physical health of youth and adults. Below are some answers to frequent questions about this endeavor. If you have additional questions or want to contact us, please email us at info@wsymca.org.  


Where is the new Wells Ave Y located?  
The facility is located at 135 Wells Avenue, on the south side of Newton. It is easily accessible, from Nahanton Street and the new Kendrick Street extit off Route 128. Any Newton resident will only be approximately 10 minutes away from one of our Y locations.


Will the Church Street location still be considered the West Suburban YMCA?   
Yes, both the Church Street and Wells Ave locations will fall under the West Suburban YMCA umbrella. The West Suburban YMCA will be the Association name and the facilities at Church Street (Church Street Y) and Wells Ave (Wells Ave Y) will be branches of the Association.  
Why is the West Suburban YMCA opening a second facility? 
For decades, our Y Association volunteers, and staff have identified the need to provide affordable access to programs and services on the south side of our large city. Now more than ever, our children, families, and older adults need the Y.


Is the current location on Church Street closing?  
No. We are expanding our Association with a second full-service facility to provide our community members expanded access to more programs and services.  

Is there parking at the Wells Ave Y?  
Yes, there is a parking lot. The new location has approximately 170 parking spaces which is over 20% more than the Church Street facility.  

When will the Wells Ave Y open?  
December 15, 2022. Doors open at noon!

I am a current West Suburban Y member at the Church Street facility. Can I use the Wells Ave Y?  
Yes, if you are a current active member of the West Suburban YMCA, you can use your membership card to access both branches (Church Street and Wells Ave) with no additional fees.  


How much does it cost to join the Wells Ave Y?  
Our membership rates will be the same at both the Church Street and Wells Ave locations.  To become a member of the WSYMCA, visit here 


What facilities are available at the Wells Ave Y?  
The Wells Ave branch offers a four-lane lap pool, locker rooms, group exercise studios, both cardio and strength equipment, child watch, and multiple sport courts for basketball, pickleball, volleyball, and more.


What programs will be offered at the Wells Ave Y?  
You can find a complete list of our programs by visiting our website at www.wsymca.org.   


Can you tell me the hours of operation at the Wells Ave Y?   
As we get closer to opening the Wells Ave Y, we will have more information regarding the hours of operation.  


Are there job openings at the new Y?  
Yes, we will be hiring for all positions, including membership, aquatics, fitness, sports and facilities.  As we get closer to opening, current postings will be updated and added.  Find all our employment opportunities by clicking here 


Can I still use my membership to visit other YMCA’s locally and around the country, also known as Y Nationwide Membership?  
Yes! The nationwide membership is a great member benefit allowing you to visit more than 2,500 Ys across the country. If you are a member in good standing at our Y, you can visit other Y locations nationally. Nationwide memberships state that you must use your “home Y” (where you pay your dues) more than 50% of the time. Be sure to check policies and procedures of the other Ys before visiting.   


How can the Y afford to buy and open another facility, especially after two years of COVID restrictions?  
Now more than ever, there is a need to serve the community. The Y has been an organization that has served the community for generations - through the Great Depression, World Wars, the Spanish Flu and now the Covid-19 pandemic. We have worked extremely hard to ensure our Y remains relevant, impactful, and sustainable. Prior to the pandemic, our Y achieved our highest participation and membership levels. In March of 2020 that all changed, but our members and donors stayed with us. This, coupled with a generous transformational gift from a local family, has enabled us to acquire the facility. This historic investment by the Y comes at a critical time where it is vitally important to expand affordable access to social, recreational, and educational opportunities for people of all ages, backgrounds, and socio-economic status. We invite all community members to join us in getting the facility on-line and providing access to impactful programs and services. 


Is the West Suburban YMCA raising money for the Wells Ave Y? How can I help?  
Yes. A very generous local family has made a transformational gift to enable us to acquire the new facility. We are inviting others to join them and the Y to make a meaningful contribution, as there is still work to do.  Learn more by contacting Sara Pollock DeMedeiros at sarap@wsymca.org 


Where can I follow the progress and up to date information regarding the Wells Ave opening?  
Check our website regularly or join our mailing list to get the most up to date information by clicking here.   


We also suggest you follow us on all social media platforms:   



Wells Ave Y Grand Opening 12/15


You are invited to opening day at the new Wells Ave YMCA!