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Youth & Government

for High School Students

"Democracy Must be Learned by Each Generation"

Massachusetts Youth & Government supports values-based leadership and civic engagement. With support of volunteers, teachers, elected officials from across the Commonwealth and YMCA staff, Massachusetts Youth & Government provides education and opportunities for teens in the Commonwealth. Participants strengthen their communities by becoming active and responsible contributors who are inspired to lead, and empowered to create meaningful change.

Program Highlights

  • Network with peers across the Commonwealth and country
  • Discuss local, state, federal and global issues
  • Connect with real-life state officials and community leaders
  • Learn valuabel leadership and public speaking skills
  • Lead through example in your delegation, program branch or as a part of the Executive Branch
  • Newtork, discuss, connect, learn, lead - college application success!


2017-2018 Events

  • Four 1-day Pre-legislative Sessions and Learning Labs
  • Annual "Buddy-up" Overnight and Networking event
  • 3-Day Annual Conference held at the Massachusetts State House and Omni Parker Hotel
  • Conference on National Affairs (by application)
  • National Judicial Competition (by application)
Youth & Government Delegate Participation
Legislative Delegates will learn how to write legislation, present it in committee and have the chance to present their final bill on the actual House or Senate floor during the annual conference Leadership: Governor, LT. Governor, Speaker of the House, President of the Senate, Committee Chaires and Cabinet members
Judicial Delegates will learn the roles of attorneys and justices as they work through an actual case and create legal briefs. Judicial delegates can choose to participate in the Appellate or Mock Trial program. Delegates will work through their cases in real trial time during the annual conference Leadership: Attorney General, Attorneys, Chief Justice and Justices
Press Corps Delegates selected to represent the press have the opportunity to produce newspapers and videos highlighting each event and the annual conference. This is very creative and can be molded to the skill sets of the press members Leadership: Editor-in-Chief, Photo Editor, Social Media Editor
Lobbyists The lobbying program allows delegates to greatest opportunity to showcase thier opinions on bills. Lobbying delegates will write a bill and present it along with the legislative delegates. Lobbyists will be assigned to a committee and will research the bills assigned to the committee and will have an allotted time to speak on each bill during committee hearings Leadership: Head Lobbyist


For more information, including how to register for this program, please contact Youth & Teen Director, Jeremy Smith.